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Excel multicell formating

I am no expert in excel, so for a few years already I have been trying to find a way to format all cells in Column A based on the text enter in Column B.

Oracle listener handy cmds

I don’t often play with oracle cmds too much, but reccently I had a need for it when someone reported that they were not able to connect to the DB.

Chef-e-com @ github.pages launch site

Well. Finally got around to move the blog into a “better” home. Neat thing about it - powered by Jekyll and I can use Markdown to author my posts. It actuall...

Ncat -vvv

Upon doing some testing for some connectivity, a client college recommended to use ncat with -v, the exact command was ncat -vvv -w2 -i2

ncat for dummies

Looking for a some documentation for ncat to try to understand better the output of the -v I stumble upon this blog entry that seems really useful and handy....