How to test kafka zookeper - Part #2

In part #1 of this article, I was able to see the messages posted in the zookeper queue. I wanted to go one step further and actualy create invalidation entries and see it getting invalidated.

Step #1 - View messages in queue

setup myself to watch the messages in the queue. 2_messages

Step #2 - Check the cachemonitor


Step #3 - Generate a entry

Using an SQL Client enter (for this client we are working with oracle):

insert into cacheivl (dataid,insettime) alues ('##locatecoursematerial:storeId:10900',CURRENT_TIMESTAMP);

where ##locatecoursematerial:storeId:10900 is the ID of the cache entry to invalidate as per the given id in the cachemonitor app.

Step #4 - Wait

Wait for a few minutes until the cache invalidation scheduled process kicks in

Step #5 - Refresh the cachemonitor app

By refreshing the cache monitor app you will see the entry for ##locatecoursematerial:storeId:10900 disapear. 3_messages