Job Updates

Over a month ago I started a journey to transition out of IBM and into HCL.

This was a conscious and personal decision, that underwent a lot of thinking and weighing a list of options. After much deliberation this made the most sense if I wanted to continue in the field of E-Commerce. In my farewell I address close to 100 colleagues that I could remember I had good relationship and did some good work, I am very proud of having worked with an excellent team of people and wanted them to thank you them for the lessons, friendship, and experiences shared.

Below is my part of my farewell notice….

After 19 years at IBM, I am moving on with my career. To state the obvious, 19 years give you lots of memories. I met my wife, I had kids, I made new friends with my kids, I always thought I would retire at IBM and that I would be once working with my kids like other colleagues. On the other hand, I also never saw myself working with IBM when I was in University, so things do not always work as per plan.

Back in the Uni days I always wanted to work for the big names: Microsoft, Sun, Java, Linux, not realizing that IBM was an excellent place to work and also a big name. I joined IBM as a new grad back in 2000 and through the 19 years I had a chance to work with LOTS of JAVA, LOTS of Linux, and I even contributed to the Eclipse Open source Project. With all of the projects and jobs that I worked at IBM I can put a lot of checkmarks on my lifetime goals. Thank you IBM and thank you to you personally for having challenged my knowledge to the limits, it all went to a good cause. I look forward to what IBM and RedHat can do together.

I am glad of the change and couldn’t wait to get on with my next chapter, that is part of the reason why I haven’t been posting as regularly. Lots of changes ahead.