Hash Solr User for curl request

How to create a hash for the build index job in WCS

The instructions for WCS Search build index require you to pass the username and password of the search/solr user, lets assume: | | | | - | - | | user | spiuser| | password | spi_plain_text_password|

To start the build index job you will need:

curl -k -s -X POST -u spiuser:spi_plain_text_password https://ts-server-hostname:ts-https-prt/wcs/resources/admin/index/dataImport/build?masterCatalogId=master-catalog-id

In my project we have adopted the practice of passing it as a hash using a command like the following:

curl -k -H "Authorization: Basic the_hash_32dsadffd242" -d "masterCatalogId=10002&fullBuild=true&indexType=CatalogEntry&localeName=en_US&indexSubType=Structured" -X POST https://localhost:5443/wcs/resources/admin/index/dataImport/build

So to generate a hash that encodes the username and password string, in linux you can use the base64 cmd

# echo spiuser:spi_plain_text_password | base64

and that will output: c3BpdXNlcjoxMjM0NXBhc3N3ZAo= and that is what you will use in the command

curl -k -H "Authorization: Basic c3BpdXNlcjoxMjM0NXBhc3N3ZAo" -d "masterCatalogId=master-catalog-id&fullBuild=true&indexType=CatalogEntry&localeName=en_US&indexSubType=Structured" -X POST https://localhost:5443/wcs/resources/admin/index/dataImport/buildhttps://localhost:5443/wcs/resources/admin/index/dataImport/status?jobStatusId={jobId}

How to decode a hash?

To decode a hash in linux you can run:

#echo c3BpdXNlcjoxMjM0NXBhc3N3ZAo | base64 -d