How to load a WCS OOTB image to private registry

Download the image that you want to download in this case we will be working with WCS util docker

Unzip and load the image

  1. download it to the server
  2. gzip -d WC_Ent_9014_utility_MPEN.tgz
  3. docker load < WC_Ent_9014_utility_MPEN.tar
    You will see the following messages:
    a5f64efdbe4b: Loading layer [==================================================>]  28.02MB/28.02MB
    2d46e2d87f89: Loading layer [==================================================>]   34.3kB/34.3kB
    9ebccd732bf6: Loading layer [==================================================>]   1.87GB/1.87GB
    3a03860a3b4f: Loading layer [==================================================>]  3.959MB/3.959MB
    da298d9738e9: Loading layer [==================================================>]  12.78MB/12.78MB
    29e8bdc9fc91: Loading layer [==================================================>]  644.1MB/644.1MB
    9a24ee60619d: Loading layer [==================================================>]  1.402GB/1.402GB
    1ab9c7fefff1: Loading layer [==================================================>]   12.8kB/12.8kB
    78297271e1be: Loading layer [==================================================>]  29.81MB/29.81MB
    Loaded image: commerce/ts-utils:
  4. List the new image using:
    docker image ls
       commerce/ts-utils                                         ba7fab5d9f57        10 days ago         4.09GB

Tag and Push the image to the private registry

  1. docker tag commerce/ts-utils:
  2. docker push
    The push refers to a repository []
    78297271e1be: Pushed 
    1ab9c7fefff1: Pushed 
    9a24ee60619d: Pushed 
    29e8bdc9fc91: Pushed 
    da298d9738e9: Pushed 
    3a03860a3b4f: Pushed 
    9ebccd732bf6: Pushed 
    2d46e2d87f89: Pushed 
    a5f64efdbe4b: Pushed 
    6421b254a4a3: Layer already exists 
    1d31b5806ba4: Layer already exists digest: sha256:425dcb4bee390931c8f4b9f06e8136b1fd60683d35063abb190d610786103b9b size: 2639

Verify that the image got pushed

  1. curl {"name":"commerce/ts-utils","tags":[""]}