Deploying HCL Commerce v9.1.1 Utility container to K8S

In today post I will describe the usage and deployment of the HCL Commerce v9.1.1 ts-util container in kubernetes.

The ts-util is the container where HCL Commerce has placed the scripts to support the activities related to command lines utilities. HCL Commerce uses several utilities that run under the command line. This activities use non-rest API interfaces to load data into the database(dataload), encrypt passwords(wcs_encrypt), extract data from the database(dataextract), load policies mappings(acpolicies), and many other activities.

One of the first activities you will be faced with when deploying HCL Commerce is encrypting the password for the spiuser. For this activity you will need to launch the ts-util container and use the wcs_encrypt.

Deploying the ts-utils in Kubernetes

To deploy the ts-util container in a K8S environment is very simple:

  1. Download ts-util.yaml
  2. Edit the file, specifcally the image variable, and use your docker image repository path
  3. kubectl apply -f ts-utils.yaml
  4. wait until the container is running
  5. kubectl exec -it ts-utls-5656599bdf-9khjb bash
  6. cd /opt/WebSphere/CommerceServer90/bin
  7. ./ aGo0d.sTRong.pAsw8rd!