After 5 or 6 years.. Coming back to linux

So I am finally starting to pick up on this Linux thing again.. WOOOO!! IS SO MUCH FUN!!!! i just hope I don't break my configuration and have to do it all again from the begining... that would hurt.

I decided to start up with FC4.. I have always been loyal to RH and Mandrake.. So i downloaded it i then tried installing it.. oh my.. what a pain..there is a bug in the installer in where if you start to customize your enviroment it will fail when trying to format the partitions.

Leason learn: If the first attempt is unsuccessful CHOOSE the defaults.. if it works then try it again with more options.

I had several attempts until finally I was able to install it.

I then had to configure a bunch of things.. and I had to go buy a new mouse, keyboard and speakers, first time in 4 years that I actually buy computer stuff again.. :D