WCS AllDBConnection trace

WCS v9 Dataextract and other tools tracing

While doing some debugging in WCS v9 with the dataextract utility I found out that enabled -Dcom.ibm.commerce.catalog.dataload.level=FINER per the troubleshooting instruction, I needed more tracing.

I found a hidden trace setting finside of IBM Commerce, for a alldbconnector.xml kind of thing.

[root@live_utils /]# find / -name alldbconnector.xml -type f 

In this config file I found different sections for different dbs: <db2>, <oracle> and so on.. I noticed that a few dbs had a entry for <logoutput> but others didn’t. I added

<logoutput value="stdout" enabled="yes"/>

to the oracle section and voila! more tracing info showed up when running dataextract.