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Sunday Jul 26, 2009

Oceana first computer project

Two day ago, Oceana woke up, instead of staying in bed with her I brought her out to the computer because I wanted to check email, or facebook I don't remember so I sat her on my lap while I did what I wanted to do. Typically she will just sit there and not do much, but since she is now more active and starting to grasp things is getting harder to keep her still. So while she was sitting on my lap she wanted to play with the keyboard.. after I finish doing my stuff I gave her the computer to play, she open a bunch of windows and did some weird stuff I didn't know you could do with the keyboard. So it was getting a little destructive, so I stopped her and open a notepad for her to see what keys she was pressing. This is her first note:

uuuuuu hf vbvf mj ,nnnnnnnnnnnyh uujumn n/p/


Lol, next thing you know, you will be missing some keys on your laptop. I know.. I been there. :)

Posted by Mama Sarah on July 28, 2009 at 11:49 AM EDT #

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