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Thursday Oct 08, 2009

Not everyone is sleeping...

Last night was the first nite that our little girl sleep through the nite without us having to 'shhh' her to sleep. She somewhat cried at around 11-12AM, or was it 2-3AM, not sure. But it was the kind of cry that was weak and short, so I would call it more like a cry while sleeping. I say it was just making noises just like her mom does, and her dad just to do when he was a kid.

Now that she is sleeping through the night, the parents now need to train back themself to sleep through the night again. For Larina she is waking up to pump out the extra milk. As for me, I wake up at night several times but for short times rather than long. I wake up for like 5 minutes, and I don't get out of my deep sleep, so I ended up waking up in the morning more tired than normal. Aiya!!!!

Oceana's as many of you know is now crawling.. and she is unstoppable, she is now also starting to stand up on her knees, i am such a proud papa :). All of this of course means more bumps, more cries.. more attention.

The other day, I was doing my morning routine and she was crawling in our bedroom near the wall, I went into the washroom knowing that she was coming right behind me, but slower and all of the sudden I hear "taratoom, boom, boom" on the wall beside the washroom, when I come out I see her lying on her back with a sad-should-I-cry face. She had lost her balance and hit the wall with her head (first taratoom), then hit the floor with her head (second boom), and third her arm hit the wall (third boom). I saw her lying in there with a that sad-should-I-cry face and I said -it is okay my love, nothing happen, is just a little bump, get up and continue crawling to me'. She was intensively looking at me, was about to cry.. but she then stood up and continue crawling.. :) no tears, no cries. This kind of episodes are just happening more and more often, sometimes she doesn't do the sad-should-I-cry face, she just goes into WAAAAHHHHAAA! face :)..


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