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Friday Sep 25, 2009

Half a year..

It has been six months.. six thrilling months of joys and sleepless nights. To tell you the truth I lost count of the how many nights I lost sleep... but WHO CARES!!.. :) when you look at this cuties eye .. :) (as I say this my eyes get watery)

It is so beautiful to have a baby, a little person that looks into you in your eyes and she recognizes that you are her dad. And when she looks at you and you look at her, you can't stop thinking "Wholy Crap! I have a daughter, and she is looking at me.. this little person who is looking at me is......" and then she turns away and gets distracted by something else.. at that point your thoughts change to "..you already got bored of me..? you don't want your daddy anymore? man I understand how my mom and dad felt when I didn't want to spend time with...." and she then turns again into you and start melting your heart once again, so you quickly say a a loud and graceful "hi!" and change your thoughts and try to finish what you were thinking before she turned away "...this little person who is looking at me is half of me and half of my lovely wife.. WHOLY..." and she is gone to get distracted with something else again. :) All of that happens in a matter of seconds..

So today this little person is turning six months of age..What do you call in english? In spanish we call it Happy Month-Anniversary, in english I guess you still call it Brithday..not sure..

I quickly took some pictures out of the camera from the soon to be released September/2009 album and put them in a collage showing the many milestone that she has accomplish on this last month. It is amazing how fast kids grow.. As her mom puts is.. she is growing like weed, which although I have heard the expression before, it made me throw a laugh when I heard it from my wife referring to our daughter .. although let's just slightly modify that to "she is growing like grass" because who likes weeds..? Noone .. :) but how can you not like this beautiful bundle of joy.. !

So next week at the doctor.. more needles.. :(


Growing up too fast! Your kid my kids they are all growing up too fast!

Posted by Mama Sarah on September 25, 2009 at 10:56 AM EDT #

Happy 6 month Oceana!!! Wow, 6 months already!! Times does fly!

Posted by Vicky on September 27, 2009 at 12:40 AM EDT #

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