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Tuesday Nov 03, 2009

First cold

Oceana's first real sickness..[sigh].. it is hard... I knew it was going to be hard but what makes it a bit harder is the whole scare of swine flu. She was active and playing most of the day but later in the afternoon she didn't want us to put her down. This is when I am soooo appreciative of havings friends that are doctos.

On Friday night at 3AM is when we noticed that she had fever of 37.9C, not too high, but high enough for us to be concerned. We went into emergency mode to find out what to do. We gave her some tempra, and she gag and threw up most of it, but by the morning her fever was a little lower.

That Saturday we took her to our family doctor, which said.. sorry she is not registered you have to go a walk-in clinic. So we went to the walk-in, needless to say that because i was coughing and she had fever and a cough, we had to wear masks. She kept taking the mask off, but at times she will keep it for a bit. It is funny in a odd way, to say she seemed cute with her mask on, even a old lady that was around, said and I quote "Does she has a mask on? Awwwwww". The doctor treated as swime flu recomending to give her "tama flu" we filled up the prescription, but never gave it to her. Because we didn't think it swine flu. That day we just gave her tylenol for babies (which she doesn't gag) her fever, was an up and down but she was playful.

Sunday was about the same, but by Sunday evening she seemed to have recover. But she was very clingy to Larina

To today she still have a cough, but everyone is the house is coughin so, go figure.! During the weekend we got her to sleep with us to monitor her fever and Mommy seems to be liking it quite a bit. :) I knew I would like it, but Mommy was always on the skeptical side. Anyways.. that is just because she is sick and we have to monitor her and she wakes up unsettled and all of that. Now that she is getting better she is going back to her crib. Yesterday she slept on her crib (which I had to lower for the third time already) and she was fine until 5AM when she was coughin and coughing, when I went to check on her she calmed down, but then she saw me walking away from her room and started crying, so I brought her to our bed.

It is a lot easier to take care of her when she sleeps with us because if she cries we just have to extend our hand sshh her back to sleep, and we can go back to sleep right away as well....so everybody gets tons of rest.


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