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Tuesday Jul 28, 2009

Exploding stomach

Today I simply eat to much.. I eat a big meal in the afternoon, then a big meal at dinner.. I really feel like my stomach is going to expode.. ohh my.. maybe it was because I had a small breakfast, but I shouldn't do this again. Well at least I feel good that I am also doing exercise, in a regular basis. Most of the morning I have been doing exercise when Oceana wakes up, the first few days I was sore but it has gotten better and better.

Embarssing enugh I started with 5 push up.. and 40 sit ups. I was so tired.. out of the 5 push ups it was hard to get to 5. That was a week ago. Today I can happily say that I did 15 in one shot no breaks. I haven't done any more sit ups because someone critize me that I am not doing them well, and also sit ups are harder to do since I need to find a place where I can hold my feet down. I will probably pickup my sit ups tomorrow again.


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