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Tuesday Nov 10, 2009

Abuelito's visit

The abuelito's left yesterday early early in the morning. They were here to visit for a month or so, things were pretty busy as well with Oceana's baptism, so it was good that we had them to help. Oceana sure didn't mind much eventhough her separation anxiety, she seemed to have tons of fun with both of them. At times I would find Abuelita rolling on the floor with Oceana in her arms and laugh, laugh and laughter while Abuelita kept rolling and saying.. "now to this side".. "now to the other side"... "woooo now to this side"..."now to the other side"..."woooo".

Abuelito got Oceana "brownie" the dog.. :) And she really likes when brownie starts talking and moving his ear.. :)

Oceana's is crawling all over the place, and she is unstopable. At the beggining it was pretty slow, but within a few weeks she got expert at it, and can now go wherever she wants. The house is mostly baby proof, expect for a few things, but the most important one is I think the gated stairs and the electricity plugs, although she is never out of our sights (or hardly) not all the plugs and cable are tucked away. I am so happy that actually got a recording of the very first day that Oceana is started crawling. It is funny that is crwaling because tipically babies start to sit first, and then crawl, she didn't even know how to sit stable! but she was so curious that she started crwaling at 6 months. Now at 7 month she knows how to sit stable, she doesn't know how to go from crawling to sitting, although she did it maybe onec or twice this weekend, but I am not sure she realized she did it. I forgot to post about the first time she crawls..you can catch it here, I was so shocked and excited.. you can hear my voice and the comments:

Also this month we baptized Oceana and as a treat to our guests and family, we prepared Venezuelan burgers. You can read about how good they were at Lukybee blog. There is also a video at http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/funny_pages_20/2008/10/the-making-of-a.html, and becaused we had Oceana's baptism I actually managed to finish the deck.


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