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Thursday Jan 03, 2008

Second day of EuroPlan

This is the second day that I spend putting our EuroTrip together. The master plan is to get a EuroSelect pass and visit 3 countries, we may skip Paris, but we are not sure yet.

  • Arrive in Paris
  • Take a overnight train to Spain
  • Spend sometime in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia)?
  • Take an overnight train to Italy
  • Spend sometime in Italy (Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome)?
  • End our trip in Rome.

Here are some of the links we have used to find out information:
What is the site about?Link
Has a interactive map about europe (things to do, information on major cities)http://www.visiteurope.com/
To book our train tickethttp://www.raileurope.ca/
Has pictures and visual information about the roomshttp://downloads.raileurope.com/journey/flash.html
The train map of europehttp://www.eurorailways.com/kb/articles/ermap.pdf

Friday Sep 07, 2007

J Lo

We started day by walking in Central park from the south entrance on 7th avenue to 80th street. We walked through Sheep meadows and Strawbery fields, looking for the John Lenon memorial. Once we got to 80th Street, we realized we missed the momerial and decided to go into the museum first and then come back out.

The Museum was big, a lot of things to look, guess we were spent most of our time? It was in Milstein Hall of Oceal Life :D. Very cool! specially because of the Blue Whale, after looking at all the general entrance halls, I wanted to go to the Mystic creatures featurette but Larina was hungry and didn't think it was that much interesting, we watched a video of the feature, and decided it was not that much interesting.

We had already hit the Strawberry fields but because we missed the memorial to John Lenon we went back to 72th Street and Central Park west took some pictures and continue with our trip. I must say, I wasn't expecting that many people at the John Lenon memorial, yes he is a beatle and he made the world change, but it has been years since he died and there wasn't much to see, still it was cool. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of it was that there was a picture of a John Lenon statue in bronce, the statue aparently is in Cuba, odd, you would think!

We took the A subway line to 42nd Street, had lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp right at time square, then visited: Toy R Us, M & M Store, The Hershey Store, and then a clothing store that I don't remenber the name, and lastly had COLD STONE!. At this point our feet were a little tired so we came back to the apartment to rest for a bit, and then head out again.

We went out again at 7:00, heading: Rockefeller Center, to try to hit the Nintentdo World store and spent the rest of the time around the area, Aresole perhaps? We got of the subway at 49th Street and walked down on 7th Avenue for a block then turned into 48th Street to Rockefeller Center.. and as we get to the corner of 6th and 48th there was a this massive amount of people. If you know New York we are now at the entrace of Radio City. Cops all over the place, and ambulance etcs.. Larina was a bit scared because we had just seen the ambulance pass us in 7th Avenue, and now we see it parked at Radio City. With all this comotion, I realised that it was an event called "Fashion Rocks" we adventure into the crouds and we see the guy who host the Canadian Top Model talking on the microphone greeting the people arriving, we took a picutre form far away, grab a free mentos (they were given them for sample) and then left to try to hit the Nintendo World, before they close it. We took the wrong turn and ended up in the middle of Rockefeller Center, where they had this whole event called "US Open live at the Rockfeller", they had a huge screen with free siting area and a whole bunge of Nintendo WII tennis. It was 7:30 already, so forget it we will come back, hit the Nintendo store before they closed it, in where we bought Brain age 2 for $19.99 US, yeah I was shocked of the price as well. We then go kicked out, went to grab dinner at Friday's and came back to Rockefeller center to watch the very end of the tennis match.

NOW, why is this post called J LO???????

So up to this point, I told you that there was an event going on at the Radio City, right? Well as we finshed watching the tennis match, we went back to see what was going on and it happend to be that the event was over and people were comming out. We waited at the exit area for who knows maybe 1 hour or 1:30.. just to see who was comming out. Well we saw quite a few famous people...

  • Cuba Gooding, Jr.: This was by far the best appearance because he came close to the crowd and we were able to take pictures. It was also the most fun because, as he came out a cop organized so that we would all yell "Show me the money!!" it was fun!

  • Usher: Saw him from far away, some girls went crazy over him!

  • Ashlee Simpson: saw glimpse of her, not very interesting. She went into the car with a few girlfriends

  • J Lo: Barely saw her, Larina didn't see her, she said "Hi to me!" from far away, and then we both saw Marc Anthony who is a very small dude :). This is probably one of the biggest star I have ever seen.

After J lo we left because they move a truck in front of us, the camera ran out of battery, and they also limited our viewing area because they moved a truck in front of us. It was fun and interesting day. Ou route was something like:

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Thursday Sep 06, 2007

Ground Zero

Yesterday we stoped by ground zero.

I never got to see the twin towers, but as you start getting close to it, you can see and feel the the emptyness. We were walking on Broadway and as we turned into Vessey street, we both got chills. We took a picture to remenber this moment. We then walked all around it and it is amazing site. On the other side of the WTC square, in the Liberty street, they have a memorial site that was opened only one year ago. You can see pictures, video, letter from all over the world, and you can also take a walking tour. We took the walking tour and we had two leader, one of them is a phisicoligist who volunteer its time to the WTC foundation, but his normal job is to specificly work with people affected by the 9/11. The second leader was a lady, a lady by the name of Theresa Mullan. Her soon passed away in the tragedy as a firefighter that was helping evacuate one of the towers. His name was Michael Dermott Mullan.

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During the tour they described the event and as we were walking they showed us picture of how the place looked during the tragedy. After that we went down to Century 21, where Larina and I spent sometime looking for dresses, the place has so much clothing that Larina got overwhelemed after maybe 1 hour or so. She didn't find much more than a jacket, but I offer to come back.

We then went walking around South Sea Port, a really nice walk I must say, then met up with a friend and went to an italian restaurant in Battery park, from there we were able to see the Statue of Liberty. Larina's friend showed us around the area of South Sea Port the restaurant, and then the appartment where she lives and finaly the New York Stock Exchange. Everything was amazing.. The South Sea port area, reminded me much of the destilary distric in Toronto, it is nice to know that Toronto has a bit of New York. Although if I am to peek, one thing from New York to bring to Toronto would be the Subway system.

That concluded our tour of Wednesday.

Wednesday city tour according to google map (google map doesn't allow you to walk to on the streets it always assume you are in a car, so the route is similar to this but not the same)

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Saturday Sep 01, 2007

The Big Apple

We arrived at the big apple, a little later than what we expected. Our flight was delayed for 1 hour and they then held us prisioners in the airplane for 20 more minutes, so all together we were delayed like for 1h & 20 minutes. It wasn't that bad, because they gave me free bailey's :D.

Larina's counsin (Douglas) and Aunty Ida, gave a use a ride on their wheels around a couple of areas. This city still scares me.. it is (pardon my french) SO DAMN BIG!!, well maybe give a couple of days and I will be waiting to move here.. I bet .. anyways. Is time to sleep is 1:51 AM and it is 17 C which is 64 F, I know all of these because there is a big clock in front of Douglas apartment in core Manhathan.

And when I say core Manhathan I mean it. If your are curious were we are staying, is very close to the Carnegie Hall, if it wasn't for the fact that we have to wait for an elevator to bring us down from the 42th floor to the ground level, we can probably be there in 2 min. Hmm.. I wonder if I am higher that the Empire state top floor :P.

Wednesday Aug 29, 2007

Road trip to Montreal

This is a delayed post... I was supposed to blog about this before the trip to Halifax. But due to lack of time I didn't blog about it...

We had an amaxing time going on the Montreal and Quebec. Larina and I have never done anything like that before, at least not on our own, I don't think we have ever been on a car for more than 4 hours together..so it was a bit scary, because we didn't know how we would react, what to talk about.. hahah just kidding.. :D. We decided to do the road trip because we wanted to try out Larina's b-day gift from her Dad, a GPS.

Our first stop was a Tim Hortons.. :) to re-energize ourself, or more like to empty out our body of liquids. Larina had prepared some sandwiches, drinks and munchies so we had to unload the extra weight after a couple of hours. This if I remenber correctly was passed Kingston. Because we left right after work, we knew we were going to be driving at night. I don't mind driving at night, I actually find it easier if I have good company (someone that stays awake with me watching for moose or deers on the way) evening time also makes up for some of the most interesting conversations.

Our Second stop I belive was Montreal, it was an unwanted stop, TRAFFIC JAM!!!!. We found this massive Traffic jam in Montreal, that took us like one and half hours to get through Montreal, and this was at 12:00 at night.. WHO IN THE WORLD THINKS about closing the major highway of Montreal in a friday night long weekend.. ?? WHY.. WHO??? Reality is that I understand, but there is never a good time to fix teh highway, just don't fix them :P or at least when I am not going around. So yeah.. after that it was like 1:30 AM so we decide to find a place to sleep, what better than a Tim Hortons..

I bet you didn't know that there were Tim Hortons hotel..hahahah.

Third stop, was Quebec. In Quebec we register in the hotel and started to walk around to our surprise it was the festival or new france, and people were getting ready for the afternoon and evening shows. In the afternoon when we came back to old quebec village near le Chateau blahblahblah, and everyone was on the streets, literally it was lots of fun.. If you have been to Quebec you probably know that there is a lot of art around, paintings and all sorts of things. Well we bought a painting, oen big painting.. It is supposed to get shipped in two weeks so it should arriving soon.

There is a lot more to say about our trip, but I will leave it here and tell you the rest when we see each other. One last thing that I want to blog about is a video that we took as we were comming back from Montreal into Totoronto, this is way way before Kingstone and Shannoville, I think we were still in french side...Enjoy.. Thank you for staying with me, as I narrated our trip.

If I am to give a title to this video it would be "The best medicine for traffic jam" or "What to do in a traffic jam". This is one of the reason why I love my wife.. she is so...outgoing when we are alone :D

Sunday Aug 26, 2007

Mea lanakila

Mea lanakila, according to the Hawaiian Electronic library (www.wehewehe.com) is the hawaiin translation of Winner.

Yes.. I am a winner. For the first time in 6 years, I won in Tennis against Larina. We typically play for one set, and this was it this is my set. :D

I was winning at the begging of the game 2-0. I started serving, my serves were crap, but my game was good. I position the ball well and with power. I then took more risk on my serves since I was winning, but ended up lossing a couple of games, and she caught up to me 2-2. From there we moved on to 2-3, 2-4, 3-4, 4-4. Once I managed to be at 4-4, the score moved pretty even 4-5, 5-5, 5-6, 6-6 and moved on the tie braker. We have been in tie breaker before but I never been so ahead in the game, we were at 0-4 in the tie braker.. I was winning for 4 points.. i was so happy, but keeping my coolness and concentration. She then came back to match me at 4-4, but I won the match(set) at 7-6.

She had promised me that the day I won a game against her she will treat me for chiken wings, so we went to All-stars and celebrated my game cheesy where is the beef and a beer for me :). I ended using my credit card to pay, but hey she pays the credit cards.. so she payed.. :P

Thanks for the treat sweety.. now I just need to find a new contestant...:P and improve on my serve!..

Friday Aug 24, 2007

Dolor de Espalda

Because we have been traveling left and right, we haven't had a chance to exercise. My back was aching because lack of exercise and because our matress needed a flip. Yesterday we did exactly dad, we flip the bed and we took Vicky out to played some tennis. She was also in the mood for exercise so we all went out together. Steve was schedule to start working at 12, so he didn't come out instead we took Wilky. I had a blast... Vicky was taking some lessons from Larina and I, and Wilky already had some lessons in the past, so he knows how to hit the ball with his forehand, backhand not so good, but hey my backhand is bad as well. :)

I had tons of fun particullary for 2 reasons, teaching Vicky helps me to improve the little things about my technique at hitting the ball and also more control ont eh ball, and with Wilky I could just hit the ball really hard at him and improve on my forehand stroke and top spin.

Ohh yeah.. I got the blog colors back and I change the security picture. Enjoy!

Thursday Aug 02, 2007

Bonjour.. Cava?

I am practicing my french for this weekend. :D We are off Montreal and Quebec city on a road trip that we planned a while ago. We are leaving tonight and we don't know where we are staying, we are driving until we are both tired and we can't drive anymore.

It will be fun.. is an adventure..

Monday Jul 09, 2007

A list of ideas..

Ever since we finish the closet project. Larina and I have been discussing what to work on next. Some ideas in mind are:

  • A longer and nicer deck

  • In-ground Water irrigation. I don't find much fun on being there watering my grass, and I also want a golf green grass

  • a pool. (I might had forgetten to mention this one to larina :P)

  • a tennis court. (I am sure she is thinking about this.. <img src=)" title=":))" />

Wednesday Jun 20, 2007


A month of working on the closet and it is now finally done. As I am writting this Larina is moving clothing from our temp closet (the guest room) into our brand new closet. I have to say I like using the guest room as a closet, because things were easy to find, everything was laying on the bed. Oh well..

It took me more time than I expected because I didn't work on it every weekend. If I had nothing to do but the closet and the basic necesities (washroom, eat..etc) I probably would had finished it in 2 weekends. The most complicated part was the measurements. No matter how many times I measure it, and how many times I think "is it right", there is always something that will go wrong.

Back in the days when I built my own aquarium, I forgot to take in account the thickness of the glass. Well this time, I forgot to re-measure things before I put vertical board anchors to the wall. I came to realize that they were off by 5 cm, after I had placed the anchors, so I had to unscrewed them and open new halls on the wall and patch the old ones. It is unoticeable, but it upsets me that I took the measurement before I put in the vertical board I added a mark and I SHOULD HAD REMEASURED!! but nooooo..why do the extra work..

Anyways.. here is the building of the closet described in pictures.

Friday May 18, 2007

Ah, Summer is here!

For the summer we register in a outdoor tennis club, we also registered for the inter-county team. I didn't make it to be part of normal lineup, I am a backup player; but Hipster-L made it into the team without a doubt.

Last night was her first game, Her game was at the Timberlane club, nice club!, but the people hmm well not the nicest. She played well, they went to three sets and in the second set they had to do a tie breaker. The girl that she was playing against, they were not cheating, but they were not the nicest. Larina and her partner had to argue some of the shots, and when they wanted to redo the play because they couldn't agree they were so mean and upset. She lost the game, but I am sure that if the game had a referee (perhaps me :P) she would had won the game.

We are off from work today.. to enjoy the long weekend. We are taking a mini-vacation. :D

Tuesday Apr 17, 2007

Our last Salsa Lesson was today.. :(

I am very sad that our last lesson was today. We both really have put a lot of effort on learning the steps right. We went to the monday class, and then practice the day after or in the middle of the week. It has been a lot of fun. I want to continue but I have to convience Hispter-L. I am happy to hear the comments that we have gotten from all our friends and family as well.

Today, in our last class we learned one more step. It was a bit more complicated because we had to turn left instead of turning right. And that totally blew our inds away. We were stepping in the wrong way. not doing the basic steps. etc..etc.. it was a bit a of a disaster, but hey we got teh basics. And we caught the full 1 hour class in video :). We won't be showing everything because there is some pretty embarassing moments, but we will show bits and pieces.

Wednesday Apr 04, 2007

Salsa dancing

A few friends have been asking for a video of us dancing. Everytime we go to class I forget to bring the camera, because I am always trying to remenber the steps and the routines that we have learned. Luckily, this week I did remenber and I capture a short film when were practicing, just before the class started. This is the very first routine that we learned, also the simplest one.

Looking at other profesional videos in you tube and we are not too far from there.. and the best part.. we are having so much fun.. we are going for the tango lesson after this, and then merenge. I have to learn how to represent my latin culture :).

Monday Apr 02, 2007

A day out with the family

This weekend we went out to the Maple Syrup Festival in Elmira.

We got there by maybe 10AM and it was so crowded. I really didn't expect to see that many people there, it wasn't easy to find a parking spot. So we ended parking a bit far, luckily there was a shuttle to take you in town. Once in town, we went straight for the pancakes, pancakes with maple syrup :D. 2 Pancakes for 4 dollars, but this were not small pancakes, each pancake was bigger than the size of the CD and quite a bit thicker, it was literally drench in maple syrup. Because I am not a fan of maple syrup, I went to get food at a different place. My very yummy sandwich, was a Roast Beef sandwich, and in the same place we also got a Smoked Turkey leg for Hipster-L mom. Well At the end I ended up trying the pancakes.. and hey they are really good. That maple syrup stuff is not that bad..

After that we went out to Hipster-L house, then dropped to eat more at Tony Roma's and continue on to my Parent's new house. By the time we got our house I was so tired that I went to sleep right away.

This family outings are fun, but I take them stressful, because I have to ensure that everyone is happy and the cultures are just so different, but as Hipster-L says, maybe if I worry less I will notice that I have nothing to do but enjoy my time and not worry about my parents. All of the men (including me) are very opinionated.

On the way there, I was looking at the map to see where I needed to exit and turn, so they both noticed that Hipster-L was helping me to figure out things, so they both then started telling where to go, and that one way was longer and that I should take this way other way instead, at that point I just laugh. I had 3 people telling me where to go all at the same time. Then at the dinner table they were both talking about my grass, my grass! and discussing what to do. It was kind like a think-tank. Quite funny, at the end you get the results and just do it. But that is if you are lazy to think, I personally like to form my own opinion and decide what is best.

Tuesday Mar 06, 2007

Improving our family room

Little by little, our house is comming together. We got the TV, now we got the center island for the kitchen, next I have to build the wall-to-wall shelf that we want to have in the living room. The space is obvius to be used by that since there is to column that come out of the wall. I was going to do it without researching on the internet, but hey why not look around to see what recomendation I should follow.



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