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Saturday Jan 23, 2010

Raising Skinny Elephants Is Utterly Boring

I recently found this linux trick and I find it would be a good trick to remember.

Raising Skinny Elephants Is Utterly Boring

Tuesday Feb 10, 2009

Email is working

I want to thank The Prancing Tarantula for their tutorial and the help that his post has provided me. I originally used his set of instructions to get the email on my server working with gmail, and now I check this post frequently everytime that my email stops workings. It would be helpful if Gmail didn't change their certificate so often. Anyways thanks!

Wednesday Mar 26, 2008

Customizing our blog

For the longest time I have been wanting to customize our blog style, but never really sat down and did it. Perhaps I was just waiting to make sure that it was stable or maybe I was just play lazy. :)

In the months to come you will see our blog will begin to look slightly different so just bare with me as I modify the template and colors.

How to create aRoller 4.0 theme, part

Saturday Feb 16, 2008

If you have happen to have an iPhone in canada and are using it.. please comment.

I want to find out how many people out there are using the iPhone in canada.. you may want to say what kind of iPhone you have, just for the heck really. I am just curious.

I did it.. I am the proud owner of an iPhone 16Gb

Went down to the US, got my 16Gb iPhone, I hacked it and I am now officialy using it as a expensive iTouch until the official support from Rogers comes.

well in short I have a family plan with another provider and one of my family members have a contract for 2 years. So I am in no rush of changing my plan.

So why did you buy the iPhone and not a iTouch with 32Gb?
I want to consolidate all my devices: palm, iPod and Phone

But you are not using the phone functionality?
That is true, but one day in the future (long or short) I will.

What did you use to unlock the iPhone?
Read my comment entry in www.iphoneincanada.ca

Wednesday Jan 02, 2008

Canadian's ISP

While browsing around today.. I found a list (pretty updated) of all the Canadian ISP's providers at http://www.canadianisp.com/, this gives me the posibility to cancel by Bell line and go into dry DSL...hmmmm...!!

Thursday Dec 27, 2007

Mac-mini as a media server

Since I am on vacation I took a couple of hours to search on the internet about how to setup my linux server as a itunes server. I found this good article that describes some of the steps: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/apple/use-your-mac-mini-as-a-media-server-part-1/

Friday Dec 14, 2007


Hmmm.. I might be able to use the harmony along with keyspan to remote control my mac-mini and all the other devices:

Quick Review: Logitech Harmony by ZDNet's Alan Graham -- Part of my goal with this blog is expanding on the idea of what web 2.0 is…what it means…and where it is going. More and more we are seeing delightful hybrids of web to device, like Skype phones and streaming music devices. Logitech has taken that idea and applied it to their Harmony line of [...]

Thursday Nov 08, 2007

Migration completed

For almost a week now.. I have been working really hard every night on migrating our old blog entry from our old blog into the new one. I have now completed the migration and ALL entries are loaded into the new blog.

I had no doubt that I was going to be able to do so, but I am shocked of how easy it was.It was so easy that I actually overexced my goal. I goal was to only migrate the entries, but it was so painless the entries that I then targeted to migrate also the comments of every entry. Now every entry has its own correct category, with the correct publish time, and the correct set of comments. The comments include authors url, email ,publish time and even hostname/ip from where they publish the comment. EVERYTHING is migrated, expect for the trackbacks.. because I didn't have any :).

In addition to that I also created a migration framework for jRoller. I have to clean up the code a little but in essence you need to provide three classes that implement IMigrationReader, IEntry, IComment. This three classes are used by the Migration class to create the entries into jRoller. I will be donating this framework to the community of jRoller if they accept it, if not then I will keep it on my own website. :D

Monday Nov 05, 2007

Resolution, colors, refresh-rate..

Now a days with so much technology like HDTV, HDMI, DVI, component cables, optical cables.. trying to get the right resolution for my mini in the TV, is not as easy as it used to be to connect a computer to a monitor. But is good to know that I made the right choice according to EngadgetHD "The intel macmini is perfect for HDTV"

The solution might be in this article

Monday Jul 23, 2007

A HTML Javascript development tool based on eclipse.


Thursday Apr 26, 2007

Toronto ISPs

Lately I have been noticing a lag on my connection whenever I am playing internet games. That made me realized that I was experiencing problems with my connection. Once again, as it happens every 6 months or so, I have to call my ISP provider and tell them that my connection is slow. I am starting to get tired of this game, and I am again considering to change ISP.

Here is a good list of ISPs in the Toronto area.

Updated May/14/07: I also found this other link.. http://www.dslreports.com/isplist?c=CAN

Monday Apr 02, 2007

April Fool's Day

Well I was certenly fooled yesterday, when I went into google and saw a link to google TiSP (beta), I was shocked to read that google was comming out with a ISP service and wireless what in the world..? I then continue to their faq page, and the basic speed was resonable for most user, their fastest speed was faster than what I currently have.. I need to get my hands in this.. so I later found out how it works and where it will be available..

That is when I though.. hmm......interesting. As I was fast reading, I did noticed that the vocabulary being used was not the more appropiate, but didn't pay too much attention

Today when I was trying to look for the link in the front page, I found this other page that tells you all about it.

Wednesday Mar 21, 2007

The 1-2-3 of locking yourself out from MSN

1. Set your alternate email address to the email address of MSN. In other words, create an infinte loop, set your alternate email account for 123@MSN to 123@MSN)

3. Change your password

4. Forget what your new password is

5. Forget the answer to your security question

6. Reset your password

Here is the problem is, your password reset instructions get send to the same account you are locked out of. What do you do now..? If you are as stubborn as I am and think that everything is possible, you contact customer care of Windows Live ID. And tell them your story.

They will send you an email with a lot of question, that will include IP address from the machines that you last login, nickname for MSN, date you were able to last login sucessfuly, contacts, and etcs..

After they have concfirmed that it is you, they will send you an email on how to reset your password. I have yet to recive this email, but I am I sure it will get to me.

Wednesday Mar 07, 2007

Wedding Mosaic

Our friend Dee found a pretty neat software that allows you to create mosaic "AndreMosaic", it seem easy enough to use it, so I gave it a try.

This is the original picture:

The generated picture:

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