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Tuesday Jan 08, 2008

2 things you might not know about me

Something that you might not know about me is that .. I am not the greatest at the habit of flossing my teeth, in fact I am pretty bad at it. It is probably the number one complaint of all my dentist, and according to them I need it because my teeth are healty but my gums are in need of care. That is why I go to the dentist every 3/4 months instead of the every 6 month.

Not everything is to be blaimed on my bad habits, according to some of the dentist that I have had on my life it is common that people with good teeth have bad gums, and the opposite applies. So, human nature also play on this.

So... now that you know the truth.. I have a dentist appointment in 2 weeks, I am hopping :) (aka. planning) to floss my teeth every day until my dental appoientment. Perhaps this time I won't get yelled as much by my dentist that I still don't floss :).
The second thing you might not know about me, is that I always wear a red shirt to go to the dentist, why? because if bleed (as I often do) from my gums my shirt doesn't get ruined :).

Wearing items depending on the mood I am sure is something a lot of people do (if not everyone), but I would think that I do put a little more of though than the average person. I only do it for the shirt that I am wearing. For example.... during summer we play tennis every wednesday, those day I wear a green shirt; you already know about my red shirt for dental care days; christmas is mostly red as well, for work related meetings where I want to demostrate that I like working at my place I bring out the logo shirts; for the days that I am feeling cool, and I want to say talk to me, I have my blue M&M shirt just as it shows on the left.

Experts say that clothing defines a person, well that totally applies to me :)

Thursday Jun 07, 2007

Back at home..

We are back at home.

Tuesday Jun 05, 2007

Were we hopeful?

It is good to stay hopeful, but sometimes it can hurt. That is why Larina and I control each other hopes and stay in balanced.

Yesterday I had to make Larina face reality a little more, because everything was pointing to the fact that our pregnancy was not a healthy pregnancy. Well she took it well, she had a little bit of tears on her eyes but nothing mayor. But it affected me quite a bit, I didn't sleep to well that night and tear out a little. This morning when I woke up her up she told me about a bad dream in where she missed the doctor's call to scheduled the ultrasound for this morning. I calm her down and then she took a shower. As she was taking a shower I broke in tears for a few minutes, then called my sister in law to calm me down. By the time Larina came out of the showers my eyes were still read but she didn't noticed them.

So we went to the ultrasound, then to the doctor's office, who had us go to the Gynecologist/Obstetrician specialist. The appointment with the Gynecologist was in the afternoon so we had to wait for a bit. Once we arrived there, there was little waiting. He spelled it out clear to us that it was not a healthy pregnancy, he answered a bunch of question for us and then we moved on to scheduling the D&C. Because of the type of pregnancy the doctor informed us that it will require a D&C for sure.

So the D&C is scheduled for Thursday. We have to arrive at 2 but she not get in until 5, when the doctor arrives. We are not exactly sure of the time when the procedure will be done and that is because it depends on what other procedure come in for emergency.

Friday Jun 01, 2007

80 000 hCG level

My blood test on Tuesday returned with an hCG level of 80 000. My doctor wants me to take another blood test on Monday. I'm so confused! My hCG level indicates a healthy level but aren't my ultrasounds telling me that I have a strong case of miscarrying? Well, I guess the doctor is buying more time for testing to further diagnosis the situation. Now the rollercoaster is riding up but might soon drop down again. How agonizing!

Happy Birthday to me :D

Yesterday, was full of birthday wishes from family and friends. Thank-you so much. I was going to let this birthday pass me by like any regular day of the year given the emotional rollercoaster I've been going through. However, my friends and family didn't let this happen.

It started May 30th, when Siu Panda entertained us pass midnight to wish me happy birthday. And I got the Nicer Dicer that I have been begging for from Angel as a birthday present. I have been wanted the Nicer Dicer since the infomercial debut years ago. He's resisted in getting me the Nicer Dicer all this time because he think's its a informercial product that doesn't work well and is overpriced. Well, I have soon to prove him wrong. The morning of my birthday, I got a box of edible arrangment with chocolate dipped with strawberries, pineapple and apples to share with co-workers. Yum.

Facebook, phone calls and birthday wishes through email entertained me throughout the day that I couldn't keep up. So nice to get a happy birthday on Facebook from friends who you don't necessary keep in contact everyday, that was a bonus this year. Angel and Siu Panda snuck in some shopping and I was able to buy a pair of shoes :D

My birthday dinner was an amazing treat from Angel and my parents, who brought along our doctor friend's parents. Unfortunately, our doctor friend was busy working, however Siu Panda was there to fill him in on the details. It was a fun dinner lots of teasing and laughter. The birthday dinner was topped off with the peach bum buns "sui boh" (steam buns with lotus paste that looks like butts :P).

I just wanted to say a big thank-you to everyone who wished me happy birthday. I learned no matter how crazy life can be, a birthday cannot pass as a regular day of the year. HUGS!

Monday May 28, 2007

Results of the first ultrasound

I have been experiencing blood spotting the last weeks and it was recommended that we should have it checked out.

Unfortunately, on Friday we learned that we might be miscarrying. We had our first ultrasound, they found the yolk sac but couldn't find the embroyos. As a result, they called it an irregular sac. This left Angel and I confused and shocked without words on what was happening. We had thoughts about could the embroyos be hiding? Do they have the dates wrong? Could I be only 5 weeks pregnant and not 8 weeks due to my longer menstral period. These thoughts left us not only confused but at times hopeful. However, we are now coming to terms and learning more about the situation. The signs of miscarrying are now stronger, my temperature has been dropping, my bloodspotting is lasting more than a day, I haven't experienced morning sickness and my sensitivity in the cheast has lessen to the stage of pre-pregnancy stage.

The theory that's helped me through this is by talking to my doctor friend. One of his explaination is that the sperm and egg met, started developing the yolk sac, but never fused together to exchanged chromosones. So it's not something that could be prevented, not something that I ate wrong, or excercised the wrong way. It was a natural rejection of the body that makes the body stronger the next time.

In summary, it's a good learning experience. We didn't know the statistics in miscarriages were so high (1 out of 4 women). On Tuesday May 29th, we'll be having another ultrasound to confirm the findings, and possibly a blood test to see if the hcg level has declined.

If it is true that Angel and I are miscarrying, we are looking forward to try again :)

How are we doing..?


It was a sad day, not much to say. Thank you, so very much to our friends. We received the support and help as we found the news that we may miscarry. An special thanks to Siu panda and Doc for being with us physically keeping us company.


It was a better day. We were here at home pretty much the whole day. Hipster-L was cooking inside, while I was working on the closet shelves.


It was a bit of an up and down sentimentally. We went to my brother's house to help him paint the house, move the crib and other toys that are going to be hand-down to us (but not just yet) to my parents house. We didn't feel at our 100% yet. Just before going there was a bit of a downtime, then there was an ok time, then a bit of a down time. A roller coaster day..


Well In view that we don't know what the results are yet, and after having spoken to our friends (that are doctor's) our hopes are down. It is most likely the case that we are miscarrying. In the positive side we are now coping better with it and after all the research and everything, the news doesn't make us as unhappy. We just have to move forward and try again.

Friday May 25, 2007

The news is out

We are expecting a baby!!!

We found out that we are introducing a new member to the family very early in the process. When we found out it was only the 4-5 week of pregnancy. That same day that we found out we delivered the news to our mom and dad of both side. One or two days after we delivered the news to my brothers. That same day, we discussed on how to delivered the news to the panda pot-luck, so we went to buy a baby sock at walmart and at the same place we bought a thank you card.

We came home and decided that we were going to cut a small opening in the card so we could put the sock with it, and the big chunky card. That initial prototype didn't turn out too good, so by the third prototype we had the idea of cutting the card entirely, making it a tiny little card and fitting the sock inside. This idea came from using the little card board that came with the sock. We send then out, on thursday or wednesday, and the people in toronto got it on friday; fleecie, in Hong Kong got it on tuesday of the week after, which was pretty fast, taking in consideration that to Venezuela it takes a month. Our friends in Venezuela don't read our blog (or so we think) so it should be fine if I do this post about the baby.

We are in the 6-7 week now, we think. Most of the people know by now our managers know some of the work friends know and it has been congrats, hugs and hand shakes, here and there.

During the process we have seeing some blood spotting. We try to inform ourselves by reading the internet and they say to check it out, that in most cases is okay. We also have 2 books on pregnancy and both have stories of some bleeding during the first trimester. According to the book and many sources there could be some bleeding during the implantation process, but it is also supposed to not last a a couple of days. The bleeding is very minor, translucent and not fresh to the eyes. Yesterday, she asked me for my opinion and I had to put my thoughts aside and give a sincere calm opinion. "I care for both of you. Only you can tell how you feel if you feel everything is fine then we are good, if you feel there is something wrong then your brain knows better than me, and we should listen to it", that was what I said to her, when she asked me for my opinion. After that Hipster-L decided to get it check by the doctor, so we have an appointment today.

I try to help on what I can, I don't let Hipster-L do much around the house. I am washing dishes, keeping the house tidy, carry her laptop here and there. But I also have to let her do some things around. So it has been a bit of balance challenge. They say to keep doing healthy and do some exercise, everywhere we read tennis seems to be fine so she continues to play tennis. Yesterday at her inter-county game, it gave a little more of confidence to see one of opposite team members being pregnant, or at least I like to think that she was. She was slim young girl and her tummy was showing more than expected. She didn't look fat, her tummy was coming out like the tummy of the "b" letter. So yes, I do think that she was pregnant and I told Hipster-L so that she would feel more confident. After the game we came home and went to visit Siu-Panda just to get Hipster-L mind away from everything. As we where there.. she was happy, distracted and I then go and find some silly website with a bunch of good comments and some bad comments, some saying that they had some bleeding during pregnancy and it was fine. As long as the bleeding was not gushing or fresh red, the it was fine.

Today as I woke her up, I took her temperature as I always do every day since we started this whole process, and it measured at a consistant 37, so I feel more confidence that everything is fine. 37 is ther highest temperature since we started trying. That is what it should stay so that we know there is a baby inside.

Friday Mar 02, 2007

12 hours of white stuff

It started yesterday around 11, it continued overnight and there still some traces coming down on us. We had to clean the drive way twice, and this morning shovelling was pretty heavy.

I love the snow, I really like it!! but I prefer it when I am skiing or when I am with some friends in a cottage or things like that. It just make it feel better, otherwise is pretty sad :( because you can go out too far away. I also love the atmosphere of it, most of the people seem to make the most out of it and go out walking and sometimes help each other shoveling or pushing a car or things like that, and that I also like. Unfortunatly, markham is not quite like that.. :( maybe I should move back to oakville. :)

As I was trying to take pictures of the snow layers but is really hard for the camera to focus on the ice when is close-up picture, so the pictures didn't came out too good, but I invite you to view the explanation of the layers of ice that we got overnight here

The rest of the pictures you can view the here:

Wednesday Feb 07, 2007

2nd case of chocolate and worms...

Today I received an email from one of Hipster-L cousin, I have remove parts of it for confidentiality reasons:

"----- Original Message ----
Subject: Fw: Ferrero Rocher Incident

Just wanted to let you know about Ferror Rocher chocolates.
The story is true as it happened to [my wife], and yes we still have samples.
She was eating a box of chocolates during one of her pregnant binges and on
her third piece she freaked out and threw the chocolate down as she saw
something moving. I picked it up and opened the foil a little bit more to
find what looked like a maggot.
We contacted Ferroro Rocher and the customer service representative did not
seem shocked to hear our findings. Eventually they came to collect some of
them to test (my wife being pregnant and all.) They also said the
particular box we had came from Brazil according to the coding on the
package. We also contact a government agency and they came to pick up some
"samples" as well. In fact, the agency was the once that contacted us first
to let us know their findings even before Ferror Rocher.
Appears they were not maggots, but Indian Meal Moths.
Anyways, to some it all up, here's the response they sent:

[response removed for confidentiallity, if you want a copy of it contact me]" 


My reply to that was:

""A similar incident happened to me years ago when I was living back at home
(venezuela), I might had been 9 or so. But in my case it was with the
Hershey's kisses.

My dad used to often go to the states and always brought with him bags of
different chocolates: 3 Musketeer, Milky way, etc... this are the type of
bags that we all buy in Halloween, yea.. those that bags of 24 or more
chocolates to give to the kids.  For us our chocolates were very precious
as they didn't sell them in Venezuela. We always kept them stored in the
same cabinet where my dad stored his alcoholic beverages, this was a
cabinet in the dinning room. At any point in time we had only bag opened.
In this particular case my mom wanted a Hershey Kiss in particular and only
the 3 Musketeer bag was opened (there were only a few left), so we opened a
new bag for her. As she opened the wrapping of it she found a sort of
spider web with a what look like a moving worm/maggot similar things. The
chocolate went flying across the kitchen we were all very scared because
she screamed really loud (my mom has always had worm phobia).

Here is where I get to the ugly part... so you might want to stop reading
if you have a sensitive stomach. I did say that our chocolates were very
precious.. right?

---- you might now want to read this --- start
So we inspected a few chocolates and they all seem to be fine, it was only
that particular one that seem to be affected so we eat the rest.. :) yep..
you can say YUCK!! all you want.. and you can tell Larina: "What monster
did you bring into the family???" but hey you couldn't buy those chocolates
in venezuela.. and they are really good..!
---- you might now want to read this --- end

From there on we were always very careful on opening the chocolates.. I
still remember the incident every Halloween, hoping that no kids get a
chocolate with worms, like I did.""


Thursday Feb 01, 2007

Sinus Headache

This morning I woke up with a bit of sinus headaches, and I immediatly said to myself, I will blog all my headaches and sinus problems to keep a history of that. Maybe someone out there will be interested to read all of this and can find some usefulness to it.

So, this morning:

- Headache coming from the Frontal Sinus.

- I also had some light bleeding from the right nostril.


Take a Tylenol Sinus of 500 mg 

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