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Thursday Jun 18, 2009

Hard to concentrate..

I have been busy at home and work and lately I haven't had much time to blog. For Larina's birthday I bought her a flip mino and I have been trying to figure out a way of editing the videos and integrating all this post processing that is involved with the new addition. :)

I will soon post a video with one of our adventure that we did recently where we raised money for sick kids hospital.

On the side work has been busy lately, sometimes I find it is so hard to concentrate when all I think of is my beautiful daughter :) talking to me.. like in this picture

Wednesday Jun 10, 2009

Updates from HipsterL

(althought this is posted under HipsterL account it really was sent to HipsterA by email and then posted by HipsterA)

I've been out of the blog-scene for a long while. As you can guess I've been a bit preoccupied by a hungry, burping and pooping munchkin. Although she can be quite demanding she is a great joy. Here is some highlights of Oceana and us being a first-time parent:

  • Angel and I have easily adapted to calling and referring to each other as "mommy" and "daddy"
  • We were a bit dramatized by immerse baths when Oceana gulped down water. Now we stick to pouring a controlled amount of water over her body.
  • We stayed up all night trying to figure out how to use a nasal aspirator. We were scared to keep her nose plugged because we read that babies only know how to breathe through their nose and not their mouths. We started YouTubing videos to learn how to use a nasal aspirator and found some videos of parents using vacuums to unblock their babies nostrals. I was a bit hesitant to use a nasal aspirator on an infant, but I guess using a nasal aspriator is not as bad as using a vacuum?!
  • Po-Po (Larina's mom) got the first poopy explosion all over her sweater. Luckily, she was wearing a double-layer sweater and just needed to remove the outer layer.
  • Oceana went to her first baseball game in VIP-style. Thanks Troy and Kelly for treating us to box seats!
  • Mother's day Larina got a shinny Chariot stroller/jogger/bike trailer to keep both mom and dad active. We are looking forward to making good use of the chariot during the Walmart Walk for Miracles on June 14th. We can be sponsored at: http://my.e2rm.com/personalPage.aspx?SID=2218211
  • Angel is being teased at work as having "baby-elbow" instead of tennis elbow. Although it did started from playing tennis.
  • Oceana's odorless breast-fed poop is over at two months. The smell is getting stronger, and I hear that it's not getting any better.
  • We selected Oceana's god-parents the same as our best-man and maid of honour. The news travelled to the god-father before we could directly ask him. The sister of our maid of honour broke the news to him as they work in the same company. Funny thing is he thought she was talking about the movie, "The God-father". Thankfully it was all sorted out with an urgent text-message between the sister and our maid of honour, informing us not to change our minds and let him know ASAP that he will be the godfather.

Tuesday May 12, 2009

Pregnancy diary

When Larina got pregnant we kept a diary of what was happening, having had a previous pregnancy misshab we knew that we wanted to keep track of the changes and all the symptons. We didn't make it public for obvious reasons.. :) we didn't want to release the news that we were pregnant or in the process. The diary was written by Larina and I publish it in here with her authorization

June 7th
First day of last period
June 26-27
Felt a tingle on the left side of the uterus. Felt more of the sensation
June 30
Went to doctor to ask for a blood test. Held on to the blood test for Wednesday July 2nd.
July 2nd
Blood works returned negative for pregnancy
July 20th
Took a blood test, the HCG level was at 12,000Hcg
July 28th
First spoting of blood while wiping urine. Triet to go to the ER but was very busy and can only get a beta test. AS a result decided to leave and pursue the morning of the next day.
July 29th (5 Weeks 4 days)
Dr. Appoientment at 9AM, she request a STAT bloodwork and a ultra sound for the same day. Took an external and internal ultrasound she mentioned the yolk sac is found but ireegular and pointed to the radiologist that near my ovaries there is a "complex" system. The Doctor called back in the afternoon. Mentioned that beta level is at 17,000Hcg, and that in addition we are earlier than we think (thus we are not at 5 weeks). I should go for bloodworks on Thursday and go for a ultrasound early next week
July 30 (5Weeks 5 days)
- Bleeding continue like wiping a bloody nose
- Read that during the first trimester there could be a some bleeding
- Small non-painful a little disconfrt cramp on the left side
- Slept for 4 hours in the afternoon
July 31
- No bleeding
- went for a blood test awaiting for results
August 1st(6 Weeks)
- No bleeding
- Nauseated by butter chicken
August 2nd
- Blood spoting when whiping in the evening
August 5th(6 Weeks - 4 days)
- Second Ultrasound
- The technician ask a lot questions:
- When did I know I was "+"
- Is this my frist pregnancy
- Did they see a fetus during the Molar preganncy?
- Did you get any "-" test results
- This last question got me a little nervous as she was doing the external ultrasound.
Then we swtich to internal ultra sound, the technician said, "Yup we definitly have a baby here. I can see the heart beat". I was gleeming, "That is very good news for me". She then ask if anyone came with me today. I said "yes! my husband", she asked what is his name? to which I reply "Angel".

Angel was shocked he was being asked to come into the room. The technician adjusted the screen for both of us to see. She pointed the gestational sac, and shower us the flickr in the screen which represents the heart beat. Angel and I teared and both cried like babies. When se cleared the room we were gleaming happy with joys of tears. Angel was "controlling" his tears. As we left the office we were in th ecar and then we wanted to go back to see if we could get a picture of the ultra sound. The technician said it is too late, but next time ask in advance while we are being examined for her to take a print out.

That same day later I still got blood spoting but it look old, but there was quite a bit.
August 7th
- Mucus is thick & no spotting
August 8th(7 week)
August 18th(8 Weeks - 3 days)
- First prenatal appoientment
- Took blood test and uring test (which needs to be taken at every visit from now on)
September 15th(12 weeks 4 days)
- Ultrasound showed the Feuts, head, arms and legs,
September 17th
- Went to the gynecologist who used the doppler even though it would be hard to find the heart beat, but he found it in a jiffy. We heard the heart beat

There were no more entries after this date. The blood had stopped, during the pregnancy there was a maybe one or two more days were there was old blood but there wasn't much of it. So the spotting that we saw it was probably related to implantation bleeding.

Wednesday May 06, 2009

New born photo session

This photo was taken by HRM Photography when Oceana was about 2 weeks and a bit old. I don't have more pictures at this time, but I love how she looks in here.. She looks gorgeous..

Well as a new parent, I haven't had much time to blog about our adventures. To give you a summary, we have had quite a few episodes of exploding diapers, in fact just yesterday it happened to daddy's shirt. But I don't care, is my daugther she doesn't know better at this age, she is so innocent..look at her. Yes I am already melting.. :P

So back to summary. She is growing at average rate, she hasn't had much diaper rash. Daddy now doesn't to get too close to her because I came down with a soar throat. Mommy's milk is well established and she can take boobs or bottle without a problem. She can also take the pacifier. She is still grunting.. a LOT! but we are getting more used to it.

Thursday Apr 23, 2009

Let me sleep..

I love this picture of our daughter.. She looks beautiful and innocent :)

It has been 4 weeks and 1 day since she was born and I have to say that our routine seems to be working pretty good. We give her a bath everyday between 8-9PM (unless we are out at that time, in which case we give her a bath earlier), she then gets fed and then goes to sleep. Most of the days we end up going to sleep around 11, by which time I am really tired.

In this 4 weeks we have gone out to the mall a few times, to a party in a Korean restaurant, to a chinesse restaurant with family (for an early dinner 4/5 PM), to the pediatrician, to IKEA, to GrandMa's house and to her Aunt/Uncle house..ohh and for walks. So far we have manage to work things out. We wake her up or she wakes up for feedings no matter where we are and we accommodate for Larina to be as comfortable as we can.

When we go out we bring a small diaper bag, and a large diaper bag. The small one contains the essentials: diapers, wet cloths, Vaseline, formula, a bottle (just in case), a clean onesie, some wash cloths and the change pad. The big one.. contains water and a Gatored, more clothing, more diapers, more wash cloths, a large blanket, and don't know what else because I have never had to use it.. :P and Larina packeded it. I think we do use it.. I just don't see when.. :P

And wherever we go, along comes the stroller. Most of the times that we bring her out in the car she falls sleep, and in the stroller is the same story. Noticed that I said most of the times, not always!.

Wednesday Apr 15, 2009

Thoughts at 3 Weeks of life and the story about Oceana's delivery

Today we celebrate 3 weeks of changing 8 diapers a day in our daugther's life. I am so happy that you are part of our family :). At 3 weeks we are defenetly getting more familiar with the daily routine and yesterday we had a some what relaxing evening.

Larina did a wonderful job the day Oceana arrived. She wrote a journal and put it on Oceana's 'keep safe', or what used to be daddy's 'keep safe'. Here is a modified version of the journal written by Larina and altered by me:

Starting around 4am, Larina felt almost on and off menstrual pain every hour. By 6-7am, the menstrual like pain were more frequent. Larina told me that morning -I think I'm feeling contractions, but I'm not sure and didn't tell you cause I didn't want you to get too excited-. By 7am and onwards, the mucus plug was comming out, that was a big clue that we were in early labour. That's when Larina said to herself -better take a shower, as I might won't have the opportunity later-. We then called the hospital to let them know she was in early labour, they said to come in when contractions are 15 minutes apart and allow 1 hour to pass before coming to the hospital, or if you want you can come in any time.

We decided to work from home that day. Since in prenatal class we learned that early labour can last a very long time and the mother should distract herself by going to a resturant, sleep it off or even go to the movies. So we decided to get distracted, by working at home. By noon, Larina decided she couldn't work any more as the contractions were getting deeper and stronger, then logged off work. We went down stairs and Larina scuff down yummy left over spagetti, I had about 4 spons of what was left over, there wasn't much and I wasn't the priority. As contractions were getting stronger, Larina had to pause a lot and grab my hand by squeezing them to let him how hard they felt. By 1PM her contractions were 15 minutes apart consecutively and started getting shorter like 10 minutes apart. So we decided that we should go to the hospital, as the drive would be more confortable if we go earlier than later. If she doesn't get admitted at least we are in the hospital.

The hospital is very close to our house about 10/15 minutes, on the way there Larina experience two contractions. I parked the car in front of the hospital and kindly wheel chaired Larina in, unfortunately the wheel chair did not have foot stools, so Larina was wheel-chaired in backwards. When we arrived at the Child-Birthing unit and was registaring, they asked how far apart my contrations were, Larina said -about 10-15 minutes apart-. While speaking, Larina had a contraction and nurse 'N' -asked are you feeling one right now?- , Larina replied -yes!-. She went into emergency mode and took me into the triage room to measure my cervix.

In this part I will skip the details but according to Larina's Journal "It was the first most painful experience of the pregnancy. I clenched the mattress of the bedding they lyed me on." I can somewhat testity to the pain because it made me cry seeing the person you love in so much pain, but right away I remember I got to hold it in and be strong for her. At this point the nurse 'N' said "You are 9 cm dialated! We need to get you into the birthing room ASAP before your feel pressure to push."

In Larina's journal she writes a lot of details that are hard to shorten, so the rest is a just a exact copy of what she writes, which I think is are amazing thoughts:

[Updated -start]
During this whole process there was no time for epidural, because the contractions were to close apart. I am so proud of Mommy, that she said that if she would have to do it again, she would again do it without epidural
[Updated -end]

"In my mind, I thought it only took one or two good pushes to get a baby out. Was I ever wrong!! It took me three hours to understand how to give birth and understand its process. I didn't understand what the contractions were for and why you need to push at the same time of the contraction. Given I thought it only took one or two good pushes then the baby crawls out. I was feeling that for every push it didn't make a difference. It felt like for each pushing effort the baby was retracting back to the beginning.

Talking about contractions and not understanding about pushing. Apparently, you need to take the strong energy of a contraction and match it with the push, other wise you might be pushing for no reason. It's like a wave, you must surf when the wave comes. Otherwise, you aren't surfing when the water is calm. Again, something I was learning in the first three hours of labour. So in the first three hours, I didn't see the point of pushing and let the very painful contractions pass by so I rest for the next contraction to push. Or I would push only one or two times in a single contraction and "give up" thinking why isn't my powerful pushing doing anything, I incorrectly thought I was restarting from the beginning and that my baby was retracting. I also learned it hurts less when I push than feeling the contractions, so I pushed one or two times to somewhat avoid the pain of contractions.

What wasn't helpful, but I didn't have the energy or concentration to yell at daddy was that he was using his iPhone and text messaging what was happening and not paying attention to the contraction monitor. The reason why I needed daddy to watch the monitor was because you need to think of a contraction like getting your head pushed into water. When you push avoid breathing out and also screaming out, energy for pushing is lost. You need to hold your breath to push harder. So when daddy warns me about the contractions are coming, I'm able to get a deep breathe of air before "going under the water" pushing. If I try to push in the middle of a contraction, it's like feeling that your head is already pushed under water and you can't get enough air to push.

Wednesday Apr 08, 2009

Welcome to the world Oceana Lily, and Happy 2nd Week while I am at it.

Today at 5:45 PM we celebrate our daughter's second week since birth. I am sure I will be saying this a lot, but I can't belive it has been two weeks already of riding the new parents roller coster. And I can happily report to you that the ride is thrilling. Sometimes the times looks like is flying and others it just looks like is going slowly, it is an up and down ride.

But before I continue I should tell you that our Baby arrived on March/25 at 5:45 weighting 7 Lbs 6 oz, and as of 2 days ago she was arleady above her brith weigth at a modest 7 lbs 9 1/2 oz. The pediatrician said that she is doing very well, and that her belly button is not infected anymore.

Her diapers are in the normal ratio of 6 wet diapers (for those non-parents out there this means pee only:)) and at least 2 dirty ones, in a 24 hour period. I assuming this doesn't account for those that get changed and she soil them while being changed.. Luckily Daddy hasn't had to face this situation, but Mommy and Grandma have had their share.

She seems to start recognizing Daddy's voice already. Every time I come back from work and I talk to her she start staring at me like: "yes I am listening", and today while Daddy called Mommy, I was put on the speaker phone and I talked to her and Oceana calmed down and I think started looking at the phone YEAH!! :) she loves Daddy!.

I am sure you have already seen the pictures in facebook and if you haven't click on Oceana's picture on this post to look at the album.

Tuesday Mar 17, 2009


I read in an article that about 15% of the women break their water before due date, and in a different article I read that about 45% of the women go past their due date. As a matter of fact, just last week, two woman that were at the docto's office were booked for induction. Trying to overheard when they were going to have their induction I think it was on the 18, and 21. So about one week after their due date, they were booked that way I think due to availability. I kind of want to have the experience of the water breaking, will see if it happens. We certenly hope so, because the waiting is long, but with a smile.

Thursday Mar 12, 2009

My Lost Twin..?

Today at work, a friend ping me and told me that he has met my twin. I didn't know I had a twin.. what has my dad been up to... or my mom ..? :P . But then again aparently my brother look like me (including the ball spot) so maybe is one of them. My friend told me he met him at a Bell Phone store.. hmm? maybe my brother, but he works for Telus.. weird..

The funiest part of the conversation is that he actually send me the address of where my team works at. Please if you go to this store, take a picture of him I really want to meet him :). View Larger Map

Wednesday Mar 11, 2009

The look of love is in your eyes

Disclaimer: I stoled the title lined from the a song from Diane Krall.

One thing that I really wanted to do for our baby is to take maternity pictures. A photographer that I was contenplenting was Photos for Life but they were based in Ottawa. I did a lot of research trying to find a photographer style that I liked, but I was unsucesful. I even asked 'in a non direct way' my Wedding Photographer if he would take the maternity session for us, but he didn't seem to keen because he was having a baby on his own and his schedule was just too packed. The power of Facebook brought me to Henri who recomended HRM Photography, needless to say that I fell in love with the photos. So I have to really thank her for recomending them.

We took our picture session back in Feb/15th just after our baby shower, in a bright sunny day. The sun presented a bit of challenge for our photographer Lindsay, but she managed to pull out some pretty good looking pictures. I really enjoyed the photo session and Linday was the sweetest, she was friendly and knows how to do her job while carrying a nice conversation :). Linday was recently pregnant and her baby boy 'Connor' was born just a few months ago, so that allowed for an excellent conversation.

Anyways without delaying any longer here are my favourite three pictures, take a look at the rest of the pictures at the HRM Photography website..

Friday Feb 27, 2009

How to cope with your Partner's pain

Yesterday we attended a course for 'Dad's to be', can you belive there is such a course. I thought Dads were like a fly on the wall through out the whole process.

During the two hour course, they teach you what Mommy's will need during labor. One of things they teach you is to just offer stuff to her, Instead of asking what she needs 'Just do it'. During the labor, which I understand is intensive, Mommy's might lose focus and don't know what they need, so instead of asking 'how can I help' just offer/bring a glass of water, or fluff the pillow.

Another interesting technique, was not take it personally. Woman's, sorry Mommy's, have been known to be aggressive. So if she says anything that insults you like, 'You did this to me!!', 'Get out of here..!', 'Don't touch me!', don't take it personally. If you know me, you know that will be the hardest for me :). But I will do it, I promise not to take anything personal

[update] I am supposed to be the gatekeeper, or the bouncer. That was obious, but being reminded just made me think that I will in addition have gatekeepers on my own :). People that are going to be the control point because I don't want to be having too many cell phone calls. I want friends and family to visit us, but I just don't want to recieve the cell phone call, since I want to be there for Larina or the baby, or to entratain who ever comes around, if someone comes around. In addition, answering the phone in the middle of my break or meal, it will be interrupting my break or meal, wouldn't it? :). I don't mean this on a bad way, so I hope it doesn't come out like that.

They also mentioned to not reject the the help! If people offer help make sure you plan for the help. An easy way of getting help is to give a task to everyone who comes to the house. Like one person vacum, while the next person cooks a meal, or things like that. I thought I would put a sheet on the door with a list of activities and whoever comes in, have to sign off an activity, but I think that is too much planning.

All this planning and preparation is building up on my anxiety a little bit. So I say screw the planning and just relax and wait to meet the baby :). But it is good that they told me what if people do come :).

Wednesday Feb 25, 2009

How to get ready for delivery

Write down the number of the hospital and the cord blood cell if you need to, any other numbers that you might need. Friends and family phones, or have one close friend/family member that will contact the people and post it on facebook for you. :)

Pack your Hospital bag(s). There is a LOT OF STUFF to bring to the hospital, do note that I am not complaning, I am just pointing out. I will try to make a list of the stuff that we are bringing for the hospital:

Baby needs:

  • 1 Bodysuit
  • 1 Sleeper
  • 3 Hats
  • 3 Mittons
  • 3 Socks
  • Formula
  • 3 Washcloth
  • Glass nail filer
  • Diapers. We bringing half a package, If we are there for 3 days 8x3=24. But during the first day we don't need that many diapers.
  • Baby wipes, one package
  • Vaseline
  • Baby Soap
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Pacifiers (just in case)

Mommy needs:
  • One piece outfit, in case of C section
  • Brestfeeding shirt
  • Confy pants to wear on the way out of the hospital
  • 2 package of a set of 5 Depends
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Breastfeeding pads
  • Pillow, for sleeping and to help with the breathing exercises
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • 2 Massage balls
  • Magic bag
  • 3 x Underwear
  • 2 x Socks
  • Nursing Bra
  • Hotel kind of slippers
  • Hospital pregnancy guide
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Soap

Daddy needs:
  • DS :)

Daddy needs *2nd attempt :)*:
  • 2 changes of clean clothing, in case I stay
  • Pillow
  • Sleeping bag

Other things:
  • Cell for life's, package
  • Snakcs (power bar and those things) for mom and dad
  • Plastic cups
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Shampoo
  • DS's, 'mother to be' requested them..
  • Camera
  • Memory card
  • Batery charger

Have a 'water break' plan. Where will you be, what do you need to do to get to the hospital (we have to call ahead), know how to pick it up the hospital bag

Install the rear facing back seat that you should already have.

Have the crib/bassinet ready

Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

Anyone stopping over in Chicago O'Hare International Airport?

If you are, don't forget to drop by Garrett for their famous Chicago popcorn (carmel popcorn mixed with cheesy popcorn--an odd but delicious combo when eaten together)! Thanks Luky Bee for introducing us to this scruptious snack.

A few years back, when Angel and I had a stop over in Chicago's airport, I kept asking arround if Garett popcorn can be purchased at the airport. We had no luck, one had to go into the city to buy this delicious treat. But not anymore, there are two retailers offered in the airport:


O'Hare International Airport

  • American Airlines Terminal, #3 Concourse HChicago, IL 60666
  • United Airlines Terminal, #1 Concourse BChicago, IL 60666

My pregnancy craving must have kicked in when I Googled this information. I'm getting a bit too excited for our travels to Orlando in January 2010, where we make a stop over twice in Chicago (twice the opportunity to get Garrett popcorn :D). Yup, we booked our air tickets to Orlando, as we were awarded travel credits from United Airline from our last trip to Chicago and had to be redeemed by Feb 18th 2009; otherwise we'll loose the credit.

Why January 2010? The frustrating part of booking so far ahead was that we couldn't buy tickets further ahead than 330 days in the calendar. I had to wait till Feb 13th before I could book a trip with the dates we wanted January 3-10, 2009. We wanted to book as far ahead as possible, to give enough time for our expecting daugher to grow, she'll be around 9 months old.

Now that you know you can buy Garrett popcorn at the airport, don't forget to think about me and please bring me back a bag of mixed Garrett popcorn (pretty please with a cherry on top!).


Tuesday Feb 10, 2009

Baby shower

At the beggining of our pregnancy we were not too sure about a baby shower. When it got around perhaps 19/20 weeks we warm up to the idea, but we didn't wanted to become another bridal shower episode where there were two showers hapenning. So we decided we were going to organize on our own.

We started preparing for the baby shower, we discused that we only wanted to have close friends, but we also thought that it might rude for us not to invite the parents, or that if we had them and only our friends were going to be there that our parents may get bored. So parents needed to be included, and some of their friends.

As we were looking at the list of people growing, we were having problems with the location. I orignally wanted to host it at the house, so that we could show people the baby room, but hosting at the house would mean that Larina would be concerned about cleaning up, eventhough I would be the one doing the cleaning and ensuring people were happy. So we had to move to a different locaiton, we thought of asking people who owned apartments if we could rent their party room, but we don't have any childhood friend that would feel confortable asking them. The friends that were on the list that owned aparments were not that many, in fact very little!, and we didn't want them to think that we invited them so that we could rent the party room, so we then started adding people to have apartments, but we thought it was mean that were adding them because we wanted a party room. So we decided if we were going to invite those people we would invite them because we wanted them there, not because of their party room. So at this point we were back at square one, a with people on the list but no location.

Looking around on the net, we found The Warden House, and we found that York rents the house. The location seemed good, and on the web it said it fits up to 70 people, that was the perfect amount of people, actually more than what we wanted. We tried to look photos online but we didn't find any, so we called to see if we could check out the place, and sure enough they gave the key. Needles to say that Larina felt in love with it and just as they say, never argue with a pregnant woman, I didn't :).

Around the same time our friend LukyBee contacted me to see who was arranging the baby shower, when I replied that we were, to summaries in one word, she went 'balistic' on us and said that it wasn't right. But never argue with a pregnant woman :), Larina had her whole heart on preparing the baby shower on her own and not bugging anyone so she explained what she wanted, and I negotiated the rest :).

When signing the contract of the Warden House we found out that had to cut the list of people invited because the location accepts only 50 people not 70 as it says on the website. Not a lot of people were cut from the list, but it was unfortunate that we couldn't have more of our friends on it. At the end, I manage to fit one more friend from the list of people that got cut. Oh well.. ! I am glad he was able to accept an invite last minute, Thanks TK!. As I am saying this, I reflect back on the baby shower and I am not sure how we got there, but the baby shower was a quarter of the people of our wedding! WHAT WERE WE THINKING!!! and WE EVEN CUT OUT PEOPLE!!.. I am telling you.. I came out just like my mom... a social bird.. :). What can I say.. I really appriciate friendship! would you belive that I am very picky with who I call friend..? anyways off topic.

From here on I will rush through my thoughts because I have work todo... :)

Comming up to the day of the baby shower we had a lot of stuff to get done. The favours which were cookie jars, for which there is no pictures.. :S (I will take one and add it later). The labels of every jar. Clean and organize the house a bit, the baby closet (although that didn't need to be done I wanted it done by the time baby shower arrived).
On the day of the baby shower, I took it easy on the morning but at the last minute I came up with an idea of taking pictures of the room and bringing them to the shower, to give people something to talk about :). That delayed me a bit, and I ended up arriving five minutes late.

The room decoration was awesome. I really liked the brown and pink cribs and the diappers all over the place. There was a lot of detailed on the decor and I simply can't mentioned all that LukyBee did for us. THANK YOU!.
The food was really good. People didn't stop talking about the wortip "pork dumplings". A LOT, and I mean A LOT of people, mentioned how good they dumplings were. Thank you to Sticky for taking care of the food. I still need to get the bill from you.. :)
My appologies to those who we couldn't fit on the invite. Yes, you were one of them!. I still like you as my friend, but we just couldn't fit you, we tried to have group of friends that know each other, and I know you know people that were there. but we didn't have a big enough room, nor the money.. :( to include you. can you imagine a baby shower of 200 people?

To finish my post, I will say that Larina really liked the idea of having the time-lapse movie sitting on the corner but it was unfortunate that I took too little pictures (one every minute) and that the camera ran out of batteries, and I am going to give a BIG THANK YOU to GJ the photographer who took really good pictures of the entire party :). I leave you with both the video and the album.

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GIFTS!!, We had more than we expected and we really appreciate them.

I leave you with my favourite pictures of the shower and if you have some time please leave some comments on the photographers flickr site so that he can improve his technique.

Email is working

I want to thank The Prancing Tarantula for their tutorial and the help that his post has provided me. I originally used his set of instructions to get the email on my server working with gmail, and now I check this post frequently everytime that my email stops workings. It would be helpful if Gmail didn't change their certificate so often. Anyways thanks!

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