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Wednesday Mar 24, 2010

baby tricks

A video of our daugther just short of 2 days before she turns one. The video shows some of the tricks we have thought her.

Wednesday Feb 03, 2010

The click

Our of the many different language and dialects that we have in the world.. our dear daughter seem to be picking up fast on some of the language that we have not spoken to her. Since a while ago Oceana has been doing clicks. I started doing some research on the african language to see if I could selfteach myself the language that my daughter is speaking and I found this cool video. In the near futrure I will post a video of Oceana and her clicks if I can manage to get her to do it while recording, in the meantime enjoy this video:

Saturday Jan 23, 2010

Raising Skinny Elephants Is Utterly Boring

I recently found this linux trick and I find it would be a good trick to remember.

Raising Skinny Elephants Is Utterly Boring

Monday Jan 11, 2010

Happy 2010..

We have been busy.. pretty busy due to our vacation plans. We just got back from it.. and we had tons of fun. We will update you once we have pictures and we have more times. Did you noticed that ever since Oceana started crawling I haven't updated our blog as often..? yes, our life is way more busy, with an mobile baby :). But it is full of joy..!

Tuesday Nov 10, 2009

Abuelito's visit

The abuelito's left yesterday early early in the morning. They were here to visit for a month or so, things were pretty busy as well with Oceana's baptism, so it was good that we had them to help. Oceana sure didn't mind much eventhough her separation anxiety, she seemed to have tons of fun with both of them. At times I would find Abuelita rolling on the floor with Oceana in her arms and laugh, laugh and laughter while Abuelita kept rolling and saying.. "now to this side".. "now to the other side"... "woooo now to this side"..."now to the other side"..."woooo".

Abuelito got Oceana "brownie" the dog.. :) And she really likes when brownie starts talking and moving his ear.. :)

Oceana's is crawling all over the place, and she is unstopable. At the beggining it was pretty slow, but within a few weeks she got expert at it, and can now go wherever she wants. The house is mostly baby proof, expect for a few things, but the most important one is I think the gated stairs and the electricity plugs, although she is never out of our sights (or hardly) not all the plugs and cable are tucked away. I am so happy that actually got a recording of the very first day that Oceana is started crawling. It is funny that is crwaling because tipically babies start to sit first, and then crawl, she didn't even know how to sit stable! but she was so curious that she started crwaling at 6 months. Now at 7 month she knows how to sit stable, she doesn't know how to go from crawling to sitting, although she did it maybe onec or twice this weekend, but I am not sure she realized she did it. I forgot to post about the first time she crawls..you can catch it here, I was so shocked and excited.. you can hear my voice and the comments:

Also this month we baptized Oceana and as a treat to our guests and family, we prepared Venezuelan burgers. You can read about how good they were at Lukybee blog. There is also a video at http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/funny_pages_20/2008/10/the-making-of-a.html, and becaused we had Oceana's baptism I actually managed to finish the deck.

Tuesday Nov 03, 2009

First cold

Oceana's first real sickness..[sigh].. it is hard... I knew it was going to be hard but what makes it a bit harder is the whole scare of swine flu. She was active and playing most of the day but later in the afternoon she didn't want us to put her down. This is when I am soooo appreciative of havings friends that are doctos.

On Friday night at 3AM is when we noticed that she had fever of 37.9C, not too high, but high enough for us to be concerned. We went into emergency mode to find out what to do. We gave her some tempra, and she gag and threw up most of it, but by the morning her fever was a little lower.

That Saturday we took her to our family doctor, which said.. sorry she is not registered you have to go a walk-in clinic. So we went to the walk-in, needless to say that because i was coughing and she had fever and a cough, we had to wear masks. She kept taking the mask off, but at times she will keep it for a bit. It is funny in a odd way, to say she seemed cute with her mask on, even a old lady that was around, said and I quote "Does she has a mask on? Awwwwww". The doctor treated as swime flu recomending to give her "tama flu" we filled up the prescription, but never gave it to her. Because we didn't think it swine flu. That day we just gave her tylenol for babies (which she doesn't gag) her fever, was an up and down but she was playful.

Sunday was about the same, but by Sunday evening she seemed to have recover. But she was very clingy to Larina

To today she still have a cough, but everyone is the house is coughin so, go figure.! During the weekend we got her to sleep with us to monitor her fever and Mommy seems to be liking it quite a bit. :) I knew I would like it, but Mommy was always on the skeptical side. Anyways.. that is just because she is sick and we have to monitor her and she wakes up unsettled and all of that. Now that she is getting better she is going back to her crib. Yesterday she slept on her crib (which I had to lower for the third time already) and she was fine until 5AM when she was coughin and coughing, when I went to check on her she calmed down, but then she saw me walking away from her room and started crying, so I brought her to our bed.

It is a lot easier to take care of her when she sleeps with us because if she cries we just have to extend our hand sshh her back to sleep, and we can go back to sleep right away as well....so everybody gets tons of rest.

Thursday Oct 08, 2009

Not everyone is sleeping...

Last night was the first nite that our little girl sleep through the nite without us having to 'shhh' her to sleep. She somewhat cried at around 11-12AM, or was it 2-3AM, not sure. But it was the kind of cry that was weak and short, so I would call it more like a cry while sleeping. I say it was just making noises just like her mom does, and her dad just to do when he was a kid.

Now that she is sleeping through the night, the parents now need to train back themself to sleep through the night again. For Larina she is waking up to pump out the extra milk. As for me, I wake up at night several times but for short times rather than long. I wake up for like 5 minutes, and I don't get out of my deep sleep, so I ended up waking up in the morning more tired than normal. Aiya!!!!

Oceana's as many of you know is now crawling.. and she is unstoppable, she is now also starting to stand up on her knees, i am such a proud papa :). All of this of course means more bumps, more cries.. more attention.

The other day, I was doing my morning routine and she was crawling in our bedroom near the wall, I went into the washroom knowing that she was coming right behind me, but slower and all of the sudden I hear "taratoom, boom, boom" on the wall beside the washroom, when I come out I see her lying on her back with a sad-should-I-cry face. She had lost her balance and hit the wall with her head (first taratoom), then hit the floor with her head (second boom), and third her arm hit the wall (third boom). I saw her lying in there with a that sad-should-I-cry face and I said -it is okay my love, nothing happen, is just a little bump, get up and continue crawling to me'. She was intensively looking at me, was about to cry.. but she then stood up and continue crawling.. :) no tears, no cries. This kind of episodes are just happening more and more often, sometimes she doesn't do the sad-should-I-cry face, she just goes into WAAAAHHHHAAA! face :)..

Friday Sep 25, 2009

Half a year..

It has been six months.. six thrilling months of joys and sleepless nights. To tell you the truth I lost count of the how many nights I lost sleep... but WHO CARES!!.. :) when you look at this cuties eye .. :) (as I say this my eyes get watery)

It is so beautiful to have a baby, a little person that looks into you in your eyes and she recognizes that you are her dad. And when she looks at you and you look at her, you can't stop thinking "Wholy Crap! I have a daughter, and she is looking at me.. this little person who is looking at me is......" and then she turns away and gets distracted by something else.. at that point your thoughts change to "..you already got bored of me..? you don't want your daddy anymore? man I understand how my mom and dad felt when I didn't want to spend time with...." and she then turns again into you and start melting your heart once again, so you quickly say a a loud and graceful "hi!" and change your thoughts and try to finish what you were thinking before she turned away "...this little person who is looking at me is half of me and half of my lovely wife.. WHOLY..." and she is gone to get distracted with something else again. :) All of that happens in a matter of seconds..

So today this little person is turning six months of age..What do you call in english? In spanish we call it Happy Month-Anniversary, in english I guess you still call it Brithday..not sure..

I quickly took some pictures out of the camera from the soon to be released September/2009 album and put them in a collage showing the many milestone that she has accomplish on this last month. It is amazing how fast kids grow.. As her mom puts is.. she is growing like weed, which although I have heard the expression before, it made me throw a laugh when I heard it from my wife referring to our daughter .. although let's just slightly modify that to "she is growing like grass" because who likes weeds..? Noone .. :) but how can you not like this beautiful bundle of joy.. !

So next week at the doctor.. more needles.. :(

Friday Jul 31, 2009

First time sleeping in tummy

Last night it was a full night of sleeping in the tummy, we didn't decided on this, she decided for us. During her evening routine, she just wouldn't stay still on her back, and she literally fool me at one point. I 'shhh' her to sleep as I typically do, then she stop making noises and had me thinking she had fallen sleep, as she typically does, but nooooo.. I gave her a couple of seconds but instead of walking out of the bedroom as I typically do, I stayed in her room to watch her and 1..2..3 sec boom.. she rolled in her tummy and cried because she wanted us. So I then had to apply the crying to sleep technique in her tummy while I was in the room. It worked.. but the entire night both Larina and I were concern about her little nosy.

So we took turns Larina first tried to sleep with her, but she couldn't because she was too concern on every noise that she would do, but Larina as a good mother, she took care of her while I got some sleep until she was feed around 2AM.

Then it was my turn to take care of her, I moved into Oceana's room and sleep with her, I totally understand why Larina couldn't sleep, I had a hard time as well. On every little noise you just want to wake up and see how she is doing, just because is the first time that she is sleeping in her tummy.

I ended up waking up at 6:50 AM and took a few pictures of her. It was a very difficult thing to do due to the low level settings. I increased the ISO to 800 and had to use different lighting techniques...at one point I had a shirt on top of me and bounce a flashlight from it to get a better lighting.. which to my suprised worked pretty well.

Thursday Jul 30, 2009

Rolling Oceana..

According to Larina, today Oceana just couldn't be still as she typically is just on her back playing around.. today was a rolling around day. I can't testitify for that because I came home and she was just laying on her back playing in her little gym.. But regardless if Larina is telling me the truth or not.. :P, (Sweety, I am just joking..I know you are telling me the truth) here is the video we took of Oceana rolling just a few days ago.

Sleeping in tummy

Is there any way we can avoid this..? we are loosing quite a bit of sleep because Miss. Oceana (here in the picture) knows very well how to roll (video comming soon) but is not an expert at getting out of it.

This is happening very frequently 4 times a night or so.. so we have to get up and get her out. Why does she go on her tummy, well she is really just trying to sleep on her side, she seems to be liking sleeping on her side so when she gets to the side, sometimes she rolls a little bit more.. and she gets on her tummy.

Tuesday Jul 28, 2009

Exploding stomach

Today I simply eat to much.. I eat a big meal in the afternoon, then a big meal at dinner.. I really feel like my stomach is going to expode.. ohh my.. maybe it was because I had a small breakfast, but I shouldn't do this again. Well at least I feel good that I am also doing exercise, in a regular basis. Most of the morning I have been doing exercise when Oceana wakes up, the first few days I was sore but it has gotten better and better.

Embarssing enugh I started with 5 push up.. and 40 sit ups. I was so tired.. out of the 5 push ups it was hard to get to 5. That was a week ago. Today I can happily say that I did 15 in one shot no breaks. I haven't done any more sit ups because someone critize me that I am not doing them well, and also sit ups are harder to do since I need to find a place where I can hold my feet down. I will probably pickup my sit ups tomorrow again.

Sunday Jul 26, 2009

Oceana first computer project

Two day ago, Oceana woke up, instead of staying in bed with her I brought her out to the computer because I wanted to check email, or facebook I don't remember so I sat her on my lap while I did what I wanted to do. Typically she will just sit there and not do much, but since she is now more active and starting to grasp things is getting harder to keep her still. So while she was sitting on my lap she wanted to play with the keyboard.. after I finish doing my stuff I gave her the computer to play, she open a bunch of windows and did some weird stuff I didn't know you could do with the keyboard. So it was getting a little destructive, so I stopped her and open a notepad for her to see what keys she was pressing. This is her first note:

uuuuuu hf vbvf mj ,nnnnnnnnnnnyh uujumn n/p/

Tuesday Jul 14, 2009

Ramdom thoughts from last night

So many things in my head...tonight

  • Oceana being able to roll, and now sleeping in her tummy. I was afraid this day would come...
  • Larina's cough, not letting her sleep
  • Stupid person who reversed on to my new car. The car is not even 2500km into it.
  • A little concern about the turn of the events after the crash.
  • Baptism

But here is a little video for fun:

Thursday Jun 25, 2009

Happy 3rd Month Oceana

Today is Oceana's 3rd month of life and you can tell. She is so much bigger, so much active, she has rolled about 5 times, she is starting to want to grab things (and she is also grabbing, probably not intentionaly, but who knows) and she giggles, there is probably other qualities that I am forgeting, but those are the major milestones that I can recall.

I put together a little video of her playing with her current favourite toy (as long as you sit beside her and encourage her, and cheer her, and just be with her). I took the video on monday when Larina was in bed due to her mastitis. Enjoy the video, hopefully the version here shows the caption that I added to it, if it doesn't you may want to see the orignal version in youtube. The comments start showing at 9 seconds, if you don't see anything, really watch the orignal version in youtube

This is Oceana's progress:
At birth:            
Weight: 7,6 lbs

1st Month:            
Weight: 8,14 lbs

2nd Month:            
Weight: 10,5 lbs

3rd Month:            
Weight: 11,5 lbs

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